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Camping and canoes :
For descent of the Ardeche river

Descent in Canoe on Ardeche - Rent of Canoe to Ruoms in the South Ardeche ...
... The Descent on Ardeche in Canoe, an Unforgettable Adventure !!!!

Canoe Rafting
Canoeing in the Ardeche Gorges
Canoë en Ardèche

In our region, the descent of Ardèche in Canoe or in Kayak is UNMISTAKABLY the Main Outdoor activity which makes every year more and more Followers.

You too come to discover the pleasures that offer the river of Ardèche and the nature so generous which is of use to him as case.

Beginners or Confirmed, in a group or solo, Ardèche offers You a Multitude of accessible Routes to all, including to the youngest on the condition of Knowing how to swim and to Have celebrated its 7 years.

From the CAMPSITE Les Paillotes **** to Ruoms, You are taken and once returns You the descent ended with all the necessary material in our Minibuses to have a Pleasant time in family or between Friends on the River of Ardèche in canoe or in Kayak.

Canoes and Kayaks of Ruoms Bateaux - Sport and Nature Are specially conceived for the rent, their manipulation is very simple and they can receive 1,2 or 3 people (less than 10-year-old Child and of small template). 

The departures take place every day and at every hour from April till September. The descents are freely made or accompanied by an independent instructor and You navigate with Your rhythm, without constraint of schedule for the departure and the arrival, to take advantage completely of Ardèche and live a magic Adventure.

The descent of Ardèche in Canoe or Kayak is a Unique Experience which will remain for ever engraved in Your memories .... provided that it is good to prepare!!!!

Ruoms Bateaux - Sport and Nature will take care with organizing Your Exit with his Team Professionnelle et Dynamique which will advise to You to bring really to a successful conclusion this stroll on the water, according to Your Capacities and Your Desires on various types of route as Initiation, Pleasure and relaxation, Discovered by Villages or Sportswoman with distances from 6 to 62 km.

These descents are very playful and nice even for the beginners. You cross very beautiful villages and landscapes magnificent (Balazuc - The parades of Ruoms, sandy beaches (Circus of People ...). You can take Your time, stop You to picnic and jump rocks up to 12 meters. It is You who decide on the end of this descent, we return You from Your arrival to the point Stop.

Baskets complete picnics can be booked for more ease and comfort. They consist of a Sandwich, a cheese, a fruit or a compote, chips, a fresh water and a small cake for the snack. If You wish to take extra stuff. Besides this descent of Ardèche, You can take advantage of a hot shower, a warmed swimming pool, the Bar and restaurant for a drink or a deserved cocktail, of a sweet or salty sweetness. 


An easy and fun activity to discover the Ardèche


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