Beach near Ruoms

Visits around Ruoms in Ardèche :
Le Pays Ruomsoi

Visit Ruoms in Ardeche thanks to its Geographical Situation, the Campsite Les Paillotes**** allows you to Visit without making too much kilometer and thus waste time ...
... Any Biggest Sites of interests to be absolutely discovered by crossing Ladscpaes of an Astonishing Beauty !!!!

The market of Les Vans in the Cévennes
Cirque de Gens near Ruoms
The Grotte Chauvet of Vallon-Pont-d'Arc

The Big Market of Vans in the feet from the Cevennes
on Saturdays
mornings with products of qualities and

The Circus of People near Ruoms with his fine sand

beach (accessible on foot since the Campsite)

The village of Balazuc (classified more beautiful
villages of France - XIIth century) 8 km only in the
North of Ruoms by car or in Canoe

The Wood of Païolive (forest of calcareous rocks:
conservation area WWF) where youngs as big will
look for animals in rocks and will be amazed in front
of the rock of the lion and the bear. Some people will
say that they kiss(embrace) each other of other than
they fight. Discover his story !!!!

The Cave Chauvet 2 in Vallon Pont d'Arc (reproduction  of the cave Chauvet registered on the UNESCO Since June 2014)

The village and the bridge(deck) of Labeaume where the river will be to refresh you.

The village of Vogüe (classified more beautiful villages of France) with the tasting of authentic nougat.

The famous Pont d'Arc (registered on the UNESCO) in 8 km in the South of Ruoms.

The Bridge of the Devil to Thueyts - Where the legend tells that this bridge was built under the inspiration of the devil for the perdition of the souls of the beautiful girls of Thueyts.

The Mount Gerbier de Jonc (spring of the Loire)

The Waterfall of the Ray Pic (natural site classified since 1931)

The Waterfalls of Sautadet

The Parades of Ruoms

The Mounts of Ardèche (classified Natural reserve since 2001)

The Fields of Lavenders of saint Remèze's tray

And do not miss all the caves to be visited: cave of " the Aven d' Orgnac ", Cave of " Madeleine ",

 Cave " La Cocalière ", Cave of "Marzal", The hikes around the Circus of People, the Crossing of 3

 rivers in horse, in ULM(MICROLIGHT), in Quad, by train steam, the told strolls... The descents in

 Canoe or in kayak / Kanu, the caving(speleology), the escalation(climbing), the canyoning, the

 treetop adventure park... The various museums of the Lavender, some Nougat, some Wine, the

 Still, some Olive oil, the famous " Farm in Crocodiles " and more.

Pack your suitcase lice the Sun of the South of Ardèche in


The Sautadet waterfallsThe Ray Pic waterfallThe wood of Païolive
Balazuc villageLabeaume villageSubmersible bridge in Labeaume
The Pont d'Arc
Sampzon villageThe Mont Gerbier de JoncThe fields of lavenders
The défilés de RuomsThe Devil’s bridge at ThueytsThe Monts d'Ardèche

And do not miss all the caves to visit : Orgnac, La Madeleine, La Cocalière, Marzal, ...
The hikes in mountain bikes, on horseback, in Quad, in steam train, ...
The descents of the Ardeche river in canoe or kayak, the speleology, the climbing,
the canyoning, the treetop adventure park, ...
The various museums of the lavender, the nougat, the wine, the olive oil, the Crocodiles farm, ...

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